Saturday, April 13, 2024

All Things Paranormal and With a Few Writerly Things on the Side Letter H

H is for Headphones

The noise reducing nature of the ear covers reduces hearing external sound and questions being asked during an Estes Session. (Check out my Letter E post). The padded earpads help the person focus on only the sounds and words they hear coming from the spirit box.

I've seen a lot of investigators do the estes sessions. I think I'm too big of a coward to do one!!

Of Writerly Things... H is for Hemingway


As a writer, using personal hurts can be a great way to develop characters! Sometimes my true fans will ask if I write about myself. Mostly... no, but we can't help but reflect who we are into what we create. 

My fun word for the day.... 

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  1. I actually find Hemingway's writing life and what he writes about it more interesting than his books. Although I do love The Old Man and the Sea, one of my favorite books of all time and I think the best thing he ever wrote.