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CHOSEN, The Rise of the Dark Queen embarks you on a journey with Eliana, princess of Zycaldemor, taken as captive to be queen of another land. She accepts her shackles, losing all hope of rescue. But as the years pass, she finds an inner strength and fights her way to freedom. With possession of her father's sword and horse, Eliana confronts the hate in her heart with love she can no longer deny and finds the determination to rise from her bondage to seek vengeance. She aligns herself with two trusted warriors and seeks out the evil king who threatens to take over all the lands. Others call her brave, but Eliana knows courage comes by faith... and not being afraid to die.

FRIDAY LUNCH available on amazon.

Four friends. Four unique stories of heartache and passion, yet each woman’s tale entwines with the others’ in a beautiful portrayal of the solidity of loving friendship.

Laura and her husband have been trying for a baby for years. But when she miscarries and her husband fails to return from a conference, Laura turns to the comfort of a friend, who tenderly offers his compassion during Laura’s grief.

Maggie has been battling cancer with her husband by her side. An invasive surgery threatens their chances of future children, and the search begins for a surrogate, hoping for another child to love regardless of the outcome of Maggie’s illness.

Jennifer has faithfully raised her daughter after her husband’s death and finds a new hope in her relationship with a local police officer, until an injury leaves them both questioning their future.

Distraught by her husband’s frequent affairs, Audrey finally chooses to leave with their four daughters. Welcomed back to Johnsonville, Audrey finds herself encouraged by her friends and ready for a new beginning. When her college sweetheart walks back into her life, she wonders if she can love again.

Amidst broken spirits and broken lives, the friends share their Friday lunch and learn how to depend on one another. Will each woman find her way in the troubled waters she navigates? No matter the situation, each has the guarantee of friends to help her through the week. Friday Lunch tenderly portrays the joy of lifelong friendships and the reassurance of steadfast love.

OF YESTERDAY - A short story
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Joe is the picture of success, but he has a secret that will torment him forever. 

LOVE BITES - Paranormal romance anthology. 
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