Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The A to Z's of Yard Therapy - C is for Creativity

C is for Creativity.... now I'm intimidated. Being creative when I'm writing... easy. Being creative in my garden... cringe worthy. I love pinning on pinterest. You are welcome to follow my never ending lists of things to do! I have the usual boards... writing, research, fun, road trips, chocolate, recipes for dinner, oh... and the bazillion teaching boards. Oh... click here.

There is that one board I call Garden Therapy, and then one for Outside Dreamy for all the amazing things I want to do outside.

Monday, April 2, 2018

The A to Z of Yard Therapy - B is for Breaking Ground

Breaking ground.... a new beginning.

I always love to start something new. I'm the queen of starting new projects. I'm a preschool teacher, writer, single mother of four. My goals are numerous. My dreams overflow with brilliance... that waits to be materialized.

My little garden area will be quite the project to finish, but I will finish.

My manuscript will be quite the book when it's finished, and I will finish it.

As I sit in my living room I can count MANY projects unfinished. The joy of being me is that I know each new project is like breaking ground. A new beginning. A fresh start. A new way to reinvent myself. Isn't that what we all do? Isn't the goal to try to be a better version of ourselves? There will always be something to distract us from the purpose of completing a goal. Me... I am taking the A to Z as a personal challenge to move on from the breaking ground stages and produce something amazing!

Good luck to the A to Zers visiting today! May your breaking ground lead you to brilliance!

Leave a link to your B post when you drop by! I'll be sure to return the visit and perhaps bring others with me!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The A to Z's of Yard Therapy - A is for ACCURACY.


I have a love hate relationship with gardening. In my family the joke is... don't give it to Vanessa because she'll kill it. Really... I do try to keep plants alive. Growing anything takes accuracy. Getting things right to make things grow. We'll see how the garden shapes up as we travel from A to Z. 

I think my outward failures have been a reflection of inward darkness. We've all been down dark roads. Shaking the dust from my shoes and moving on. Don't you just love a fresh start? 

The same goes for my writing. I have a love hate relationship with editing. Commas seem to be my nemesis. Too many or not enough. Overused or sadly forgotten. I write... and it consumes me in such a way that I forget things like.... punctuation. I lack accuracy. 

Accuracy is a new goal. Learning to look at a situation, evaluate, determine what needs to be done accurately to improve, and move on. 

Learning to shoot a bow with my son. Yeah.... I'll get back to you on that accuracy in a later post. 

Happy A to Z everyone! Let the fun begin!