Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let's Celebrate Cars

In my 100 things to celebrate, this sounds a bit materialistic, I know, but it isn't. See, when I was younger I wasn't the normal "I have a crush on everyone" kind of teenager. I grew up hanging out at the gas station, and at the store with my daddy. I would sit in the corner of the store in the afternoons, curled up in a comfortable chair by the heater and read. I'd listen to story after story being told by anyone who would stop by for a visit. I also stayed at the gas station with my daddy... sometimes. I loved being around the cars there. I loved watching the guys fix them. I can close my eyes and still smell that place. In turn, I grew to love the beauty of old cars. While most girls my age had TEEN magazine, I got Classic Cars magazine. I hung pictures on my door with the wish that I would do something so spectacular in this world that I could own a few hot rods. I wasn't crazy. I did have at least a couple of guys that made the poster wall. Mr. John Stamos in his General Hospital Days of course. Didn't we all have that poster?

But then I had pictures like this....

and this.....

and there was always room for something new.

When the time came to actually start thinking about the car I would drive, I got an auto trader and found exactly what I wanted. 
Except the one I found had mag wheels, a 454 engine, and a wheelie bar. My sweet daddy laughed and said, "Do you know that's not street legal? That's for racing." My thought was... it could be fixed right? Wrong. My dream car remained a dream. Then I realized the car I wanted was EXACTLY like the ZZ Top car. See...... how cool am I?

I still want an old car. A classic car. Big red convertible, whitewall tires, fuzzy dice hanging from the review mirror. Someday. 

I know I must talk about those classics a great deal because when we passed a '57 Chevy my kids all said what a beautiful car it was. Seems like they've got it straight. 


  1. I love old cars--so much more interesting than the box jobs of today. An old Chevelle or a '67 Camaro would be on my dream car list.

  2. At least you have a history of looking at old cars. I know the posters and the ZZ Top car from the tv, and they look cool. But on this side from the pond, well let's say those old cars doesn't have the same flair like the old american cars. And that's a shame in my opinion.

  3. Loved the pics , It was different for someone to collect pics of cars but it would be a boring world if everyone was interested in the same thing. Loved the post.

  4. I am one of those people who are constantly looking in old cars and sighing. I loved those plush interiors!

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