Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Celebrate Traffic Sources

I always enjoy seeing how people are directed to my blog. Here are some of the latest 
results of web traffic that land some happy seeker in Sand Castles and Snow Forts. 

june 2011 calendar

lord of the rings movie 
pull off can lid
"vitameatavegamin" sign
aretha franklin art respect
I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs
chocolate-glazed fudge cake
I love lucy quotes
jumanji book
kilimanjaro desktop photos
I love you battles
mr. big
frog and toad are friends
narnia book

Want to know my biggest pull from google searches? 
(click HERE to see how The Sneetches got included.)

That's right, the search for Seuss brings them here. Fun though. You never know who 
you might come in contact with in this big old blogosphere, so happy googling 
everyone! If you happen upon a blog, post a comment, become a follower, or simply
say hello from a google search. Life's all about the journey and no one walks alone. 
Journey on!


  1. So cute!! Has the UPS guy arrived yet????

  2. Not yet... it's so hard to wait!!!

  3. I've been missing you, Friend, and email is down. I went to your blog to just hear your voice. :) tg

  4. I need to do that with my blog. The results will probably scare me...

  5. wow...these lights are perfect for fashion shoots