Thursday, August 4, 2016

Five Minute Friday... HAPPY

I love Five Minute Fridays. I have a chance to stop for 5 minutes and simply allow a free flow of thought about whatever prompt we are given. Hop over to Kate's blog and join the fun! Lots of giveaways and lots of fun this week. 

This Friday our prompt is.... HAPPY. 
This is my five minutes of writing. Give it a try! 

I never think about the HAPPY of life. I never think about the SAD of life. I make my choice each day to find a way to be happy. Life takes wrong turns and sometimes how you think your life will turn out doesn't always...... NEVER happens. I allowed sad for a while.. not anymore. I think we focus so much on what we don't get out of life that we miss all that we have. I have a beautiful family. My fabulous four make me happy, and they fill my life with joy. My family makes me happy. We are all in each other's business, but it's great fun to be loved so deeply by so many. My job makes me happy. I love teaching, and I love my new job! My writing makes me happy. Being a writer is who I am and I can get lost in the words flowing from me. Happy is what I choose. Happy is a choice. Choose happy because SAD takes so much out of us that we have nothing left to give those we love. Is it hard? Yes, on some days. Is it worth it? EVERY SINGLE TIME! I love my life, and along the way there will be more things that bring me to a HAPPY place. For now, I enjoy each moment I can take with a smile and know that my HAPPY is simply because I have made that choice.