Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Start Sharing

Join us the first Wednesday of every month for the Insecure Writer's Support Group hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

We all have the few that are allowed to see our work in progress and we wait patiently for their honesty. I do enjoy being able to message the brave that read my WIP and will tell me to delete whole sentences, to expand on ideas or say they have no idea what in the world I'm talking about. No matter what, these few make me want to keep writing, write more, and write better. 

Take time and select a few close friends to give you honest feedback. By close, I mean "would move a couch" close. Just as writing becomes a habit, so should sharing. I have friends that write but no one knows they have talent. I say if the gift of writing is within you, then it was meant to be enjoyed by the masses. Become the encouragement other writers needs to pursue the 'next step' and help make writing a habit for them. 

Be inspired today! 
Be an inspiration everyday! 

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