About Us

To title this page about me would be quite selfish when my life is surrounded by four sweet faces.  We are a family of five discovering how to make life fun and enjoy the simple beauties we are given. Being a single mom, I'm learning time is precious, time can get away from you, and time can be a friend or enemy depending on how it's used. This is our time. My children and I are given this time in our lives to be silly, to find joy, and grow more in love with God on our journey.

You'll find a little bit of everything here. I will share stories of our adventures, and lots of posts about a lot of nothing, but something in it for everyone. 

Thank you for stopping by and perhaps along the way you've smiled, you've cried, or you've laughed, but whatever the case, you are always welcome to return to our corner of the world. 

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