Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Always Time to Write

Someone asked me a day or so ago if I had written anything lately. I said I was editing a piece of work. Written anything.... nope! Writing is like any other skill. It must be practiced. I've always told others to write each day! Keep writing! There's always something to write about!

I sit here without inspiration. I sit here without motivation. I sit here without the joy of writing.

However, with the IWSG, I feel like I can take a deep breath and move forward. Time to just do this! Time to get my manuscript in the hands of a publisher. Time to finish my next manuscript. Time to create something new and wonderful! What genre.... I surprised myself with my second novel, so who knows. You'll just have to stick around to find out!

I look forward to sharing my process and my success with those who drop by my blog for a visit. Come back soon, and don't forget to say hello! There's always time for friends, and always time to write!

Now, back to the joy of who I am.