Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Blogiversary..... A Year I Won't Ever Forget

I remembered that yesterday was my Blogiversary. That's right. One entire year I've been a part of the brilliant blogosphere. Now, I didn't post every day mind you, but I have had great fun, and I've met some pretty amazing people along the way. Let's start out with a recap of the very first blog post.

And So It Begins.....

It's been an interesting year. In that time, I've seen my first book FRIDAY LUNCH published. I have been a part of several fantastic BLOGFESTS. 

The A-Z Challenge in April of 2011
Great fun with some amazingly creative people. You are welcome to journey through my blog and read all the posts of that event. Some great music, great quotes from Seinfeld and so much Lucy that you'll enjoy the laughter. The time is coming to be a part of the A-Z 2012 Challenge, so be thinking about how you might  be a part of the fun.

The host Alex J. Cavanaugh is worth the follow. We were given the challenge of listing our three favorite games and why they are favorites. See if you remember the #2 game I mention.

My kids enjoyed this one almost as much as I did. We have Dance In The Kitchen Fridays here so this blogfest helped feed our playlist quite a bit. Go read about the treasure I found.

The I'm A Platform Builder Campaign (from Rach Writes)
If you've never participated in this, mark it on your calendar. It's great fun, and it will get you out of your comfort zone. These are two of the challenges I completed:

I look forward to each post now, not just to see what I can come up with, but to appreciate the love and joy of each moment that comes with the reason behind the post. So, a big thanks to all the people who make blogging so much fun. It's not about how many people follow me, it's how many hearts take away a little bit of who I am from these posts, and maybe, just maybe remember the laughter they've found here. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Try Something New

When is the last time you tried something new? I don't mean walking a different route in the grocery story, though if you're stuck in a rut, even that's exciting.

I mean try something. Do something just for fun. I realize sometimes I forget to have fun. I'm a fun mom, but as far as me having fun.... it's a lost art. So, I've decided this year to HAVE more fun. It's a do things for me kind of  year. Does that make me selfish... hardly. Being more of who I am makes me a better mom..... a better me.

My attempt at fun. Now, don't laugh. I didn't say I was going to climb Everest or anything. I'm going to make my own chess set. I started one on New Year's Eve out of clay. Painting is yet to come.
But today, I start carving. Well, I'm blogging about starting. 

My fantastic sister and brother-in-law have given me carving tools for Christmas.

He also gave me his mortar box and saw with several pieces of wood to start with.

I'm still in the research phase on what design I want to attempt, but I can't wait to get started! 

Yes, I'm a geek in the eyes of most, but to sit and create beauty out of a block of wood while I can think quietly about how to end the manuscript for book #2.... sounds like heaven to me. 

Stay tuned for the updates on my masterpiece and on my manuscript! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something Brilliant.... well, not today.

I've hit that blogging wall, and I asked friends, other writers, people on twitter that I only talk to in 140 characters or less, what in the world to do for this type of writer's block.

I need to have a better schedule of time. Just typing that made me laugh. I'm working on that.We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm blogging today on not being able to blog,

I just read Frank Viola's advice to bloggers. A great read. He makes you want to write with purpose. He's great to follow... go ahead.. do it.

One thing I don't do is say thank you to those that journey here. Readers from everywhere and followers, you are greatly appreciated.

Funny thing about blogging.... when I am having fun blogging, my manuscript sits because I have a giant block there. Now that I'm back in my manuscript working, my blog suffers. The happy medium, I've concluded has to do with a combination of chocolate and coffee. I know a writing schedule will help me focus on each task. Ever just want to run away to the beach and write all day? My crew would pack it up in five minutes  if I gave the go ahead, but as it is, I'll stay in my office... hands to the keyboard.... dinner in the oven... and try to think of something fabulous to share on here tomorrow.

Well, I've been informed that The Brady Bunch is coming on in just a moment, so work can wait. Who can resist retro fun with the fabulous four?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bald is Beautiful... but not on me!

As a writer, I am always daydreaming. As a hopeless romantic, I'm always daydreaming. This, however, can be dangerous!

I have been having some serious back issues, so in the shower I decided instead of shaving my legs I would use hair removal cream. Easy enough, right? I caked it on thick so I would NOT have to shave.

I'm in the shower, thinking about all I had to do that day. I was thinking about how much laundry needed to be washed. I was thinking about all the work I had to do. I was thinking about the crazy other world kind of dream I just woke up from. I started thinking of how I needed to write it down so I wouldn't forget just how cool it was, and that maybe I could make it into a great story. Time enough had passed so I wiped off the horrible hair removal cream. Without thinking... I was still in story mode, a great outline was forming.... I took the shampoo, filled my hand, and started washing my hair. My eyes were burning, so I wiped them quickly. Then.... I thought to myself... did I wash all that hair removal cream off my hands??? Did I?? Oh no... did I???? PANIC!

I touched my eyebrows... still there!
I touched my eyelashes.... still there!
I touched to front of my hair.... still there!

While it's no secret that I love bald on a man 
(thank you Vin, for setting the bar so high)
I kind of like my hair just like it is.
Just a little wake up call that I need to be more focused.... true in every area of my life right now. 
More focused.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only 364 More Days To Reach Your Goals!

I have missed you, my blogosphere friends!

I love this time of year. Resolution after resolution. Promises to yourself that you intend to keep but just can't quite commit to finishing. We take a personal stand to say we will be better. We will reach our goals, live our dreams, become better! Then... by February you disappoint yourself.

I'm all for the hype of the New Years Day resolutions. I vowed to finish the manuscripts for books #2 and #3, plus finish the women's devotional I've started writing..... that is, when my computer is repaired. I love my mom by the way, for letting me use hers.

Want to really see what you're made of? Vow to love with greater passion. Love with a greater heart. Love with a great sense of self. Be so aware of the love you display to others that it changes you just being in love. You've been given another year to start new. Your heart was made to share. Make it the best yet!

What resolutions have you made for this spectacular year?