Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something Brilliant.... well, not today.

I've hit that blogging wall, and I asked friends, other writers, people on twitter that I only talk to in 140 characters or less, what in the world to do for this type of writer's block.

I need to have a better schedule of time. Just typing that made me laugh. I'm working on that.We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm blogging today on not being able to blog,

I just read Frank Viola's advice to bloggers. A great read. He makes you want to write with purpose. He's great to follow... go ahead.. do it.

One thing I don't do is say thank you to those that journey here. Readers from everywhere and followers, you are greatly appreciated.

Funny thing about blogging.... when I am having fun blogging, my manuscript sits because I have a giant block there. Now that I'm back in my manuscript working, my blog suffers. The happy medium, I've concluded has to do with a combination of chocolate and coffee. I know a writing schedule will help me focus on each task. Ever just want to run away to the beach and write all day? My crew would pack it up in five minutes  if I gave the go ahead, but as it is, I'll stay in my office... hands to the keyboard.... dinner in the oven... and try to think of something fabulous to share on here tomorrow.

Well, I've been informed that The Brady Bunch is coming on in just a moment, so work can wait. Who can resist retro fun with the fabulous four?

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  1. Thank yo for sharing. Perhaps brilliant isn't what your readers are looking for. You made me smile and laugh in the two posts I read. I like that. Keep it up. As an author and a mom I think the balance, focus and schedule will always be subject to change.