Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only 364 More Days To Reach Your Goals!

I have missed you, my blogosphere friends!

I love this time of year. Resolution after resolution. Promises to yourself that you intend to keep but just can't quite commit to finishing. We take a personal stand to say we will be better. We will reach our goals, live our dreams, become better! Then... by February you disappoint yourself.

I'm all for the hype of the New Years Day resolutions. I vowed to finish the manuscripts for books #2 and #3, plus finish the women's devotional I've started writing..... that is, when my computer is repaired. I love my mom by the way, for letting me use hers.

Want to really see what you're made of? Vow to love with greater passion. Love with a greater heart. Love with a great sense of self. Be so aware of the love you display to others that it changes you just being in love. You've been given another year to start new. Your heart was made to share. Make it the best yet!

What resolutions have you made for this spectacular year?

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