Thursday, July 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday - BROKEN

Five Minute Fridays! I do love them, and I miss them more than not, but today I'm thankful to be a part of this venture with such a great many others. For more on Lisa-Jo Baker's idea and 'how to' be a part of the fun check out her blog and link up!

Our word prompt.... BROKEN

How often we think of broken as something that can't be fixed, something that will take our time... something that is lost. I see that attitude spilling out of me from time to time, but not today. Today I sat alone in the waiting area while my son had his tonsils out. Others had stepped out for a moment and at once I was aware of the lonely that crept in. I sat there waiting for the results of a mammogram I had to have redone due to a suspicious spot on the first test. I sat there unable to keep a straight thought in my head and wishing I had someone there to take me by the hand and say everything will be fine.

I sat alone.

Then.... I received the information that my test results came back fine... I was broken.
Then... the doc came in and said my son was fine.... I was broken.

You see, broken doesn't mean something needs to be fixed.. not always. Today for me it meant that I was in a place where life was bare... life was raw... life had depth. The unnecessary had broken away. Tears are not always from sadness, because in a time of being broken, tears are for rebirth and renewal.

I sat alone.

My hands shook.
My heart raced.
My mind whirled.
I saw my life.

I have never been alone.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Walk With Me Wednesday

Welcome to
 my new Wednesday posts! I want you to walk with me. Talk with me. Tell me something fun about you. Sing with me.. share your favorite song. Dance with me... what is it that gives you joy TODAY. 

Consider this our time to walk together, and let's see what adventure we can discover.

Sometimes it's the beauty of things remembered that gives us joy in today and hope for tomorrow.. 

Today, tell me about your favorite childhood memory. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

How Should it End?

I haven't officially announced on my blog that my current manuscript has been accepted for publication in March 2014 with Write More Publications. CHOSEN: THE RISE OF THE DARK QUEEN is a bit different than my usual writing, and it has been great fun completing. Keep watching for updates!

Now that my novel is in line and the wheels are in motion to have it in your hands, I find myself overwhelmed with trying to finish edits on the next manuscript because the NEXT book is whirling inside just waiting to be written!

There is only one thing I can't figure out about the book that I haven't started. Oh, I know the beginning and the middle. It's the end that baffles me. What to do with the end? I love a good twist. I love a good cry. I love when love prevails. However, sometimes life really isn't like that, is it? The guy doesn't get the girl. The girl doesn't get the guy. Love doesn't survive. People die. People walk away. Sometimes struggles have no victory. Sometimes life is hard.

I was thinking about what my last editor told me when she had me change a few things. She sent me a great letter of suggestions with a huge smiley face that said... "If you want to connect with your readers, then be real. No one is THIS happy."

How should my book end? Do I end with a touch of reality and the main characters not have exactly what the reader expects? Do I give love a chance? My kids think I write too many happy endings. I say, sometimes sappy stories are a nice break. I want to hear what you think.

See the poll at the top right hand side? UP THERE
Answer that question for me, and let me know what you think about happily endings. 

Me... I say true love should win every time. :)