Monday, July 8, 2013

How Should it End?

I haven't officially announced on my blog that my current manuscript has been accepted for publication in March 2014 with Write More Publications. CHOSEN: THE RISE OF THE DARK QUEEN is a bit different than my usual writing, and it has been great fun completing. Keep watching for updates!

Now that my novel is in line and the wheels are in motion to have it in your hands, I find myself overwhelmed with trying to finish edits on the next manuscript because the NEXT book is whirling inside just waiting to be written!

There is only one thing I can't figure out about the book that I haven't started. Oh, I know the beginning and the middle. It's the end that baffles me. What to do with the end? I love a good twist. I love a good cry. I love when love prevails. However, sometimes life really isn't like that, is it? The guy doesn't get the girl. The girl doesn't get the guy. Love doesn't survive. People die. People walk away. Sometimes struggles have no victory. Sometimes life is hard.

I was thinking about what my last editor told me when she had me change a few things. She sent me a great letter of suggestions with a huge smiley face that said... "If you want to connect with your readers, then be real. No one is THIS happy."

How should my book end? Do I end with a touch of reality and the main characters not have exactly what the reader expects? Do I give love a chance? My kids think I write too many happy endings. I say, sometimes sappy stories are a nice break. I want to hear what you think.

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Me... I say true love should win every time. :) 


  1. Congratulations on the acceptance of your manuscript!
    I enjoy happy endings, and at the very least I want a satisfying ending. Might not be a happy ending but it worked out for the best. Hope that makes sense...

  2. I don't need a happy ending. But a satisfying ending is good. I want to story to actually end... not stop in the middle of a fight scene or something like that.