Thursday, December 26, 2013

Make Each Day Count!

Let's take a moment to breathe, shall we? Deep breath.... that's right.... let it all go.

Now..... look ahead to the New Year.

No, wait! How about this last week! I say let's not forget this all important time of reflecting, renewing, and reorganizing our lives. I think the last week of the year is my favorite time. The just after Christmas feeling, when love of family and friends still lingers. The joy of the holiday season continues to play out inside our heads because the words, "have a holly jolly Christmas" still bounce around keeping us smiling.

This week is the writer's paradise week.... the one week that families are still home together, kids are out of school, and for a little time each day we grab that keyboard and we delve into the sea of words to release upon the screen sentence after sentence in hopes that someone else will read them..... someday.

I'd love to hear from all of you about your endeavors this week. Are you writing? Are you organizing? Are you on vacation?

Whatever the case may be, enjoy the last few days of 2013 and let's all agree to make this next year our best!