Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Writing, writing, writing..... and not writing.

I'm pretty sure I can't get one word down right now that makes any sense. It seems like the more I try the harder it is to collect my thoughts.

Editing BLUE MUG MONDAYS  has become my priority. I need to complete this manuscript. It just needs a little something more... and then it will be off to the publisher! I can't wait for this one to be in your hands. It has taken months to complete the edits with life moving full speed ahead. BLUE MUG MONDAYS has been a work in progress for some time now, but I want it finished.

Funny how life takes over and writing gets pushed to the side. Working seven days a week, moving, parenting, surviving. Well, I'm tired of surviving. I want each moment to count. Happy found it's place in our home, and I'm loving who my sweet family has become.

I found if I am to be my best then I have to write. This is who I am. I am my best when I know I have given my time to create.

Time to keep on packing up my house. I'm moving. I love that I'll have a house to call my own. I'm not just packing....  ideas are swirling, plots are forming, characters are being created!

I'm doing what's necessary to live, and I'll do what's necessary to become the best me I can be.

Write... write... write....