Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The IWSG... Finally

Today is one of the days I enjoy about the first of the month. The first Wednesday of each month is the Insecure Writers' Support Group created by the great Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh. Go link up and join this band of amazing writers and make a few friends along the way.

My topic for the IWSG is your real support group. Do you have those people that cheer you on in your writing? Do you have those that tell you the truth? Do you have someone who loves you no matter what? Surround yourself with people who encourage your creativity, inspire, give constructive criticism, and make you a better you.

There will always be those that try to tear you down. The only way they can is if you allow them. You are only the best you possible when YOU believe in YOU.

I stopped writing for a long time when I asked for one opinion. One person shot me down, and I allowed that negativity to destroy the flow of words. It's one opinion. I am a writer. I write my life. There is no greater joy than to share my work with others. But, I write for me. Writing is like breathing.

Take a deep breath fellow writer. Take a long look to the road ahead, and get ready. The blank page awaits.


  1. "But, I write for me"

    Ah, that was my favorite line out of this whole post--because it's SO important to remember that. Sometimes we can get so caught up in writing to please a certain audience/person/theme or changing the style that's brought us this far, because we want more fans/followers or whatever--and we forget that the reason we loved this so much in the first place, was because we were writing for ourselves.

    Lovely post! I can hear that blank page calling me...

  2. Yes, I love my critique group. They are the people I turn to for the truth about my writing, and the help and guidance to improve it.

  3. My husband is the one who gives me unwavering support. And it's not just fluff. He'll tell me when something doesn't work for him, toss out ideas of how to make it better, and nods when he thinks it sounds good. When I started taking writing seriously, he read my first chapter and said, "Hey, I feel like I can give you feedback without making you cry now."

    I've got a critique group who help me with my writing ventures, but ultimately, it's my husband who is my support group.


  4. My wife is my biggest supporter. So far no one has really shot me down, but I find it's easier not to talk about my work with some people. (Like my co-workers.)

  5. It depends on your goals, but if you're in it for publication, you need people who will tell you the truth. But that can still be done with kindness.

    If you find a good critique partner, hang on to them. :)
    IWSG #179 until Alex culls the list again.

  6. I know what it's like to have your writing confidence shot down by one opinion. All one can do is turn that around and make something better. :)

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