Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh Look! I'm Back!

I miss blogging. Life gets busy, and things get sacrificed. Writing should not be one of those things. And yes, I keep saying I'm going to get my blog up and running again, but I think this time is the right time. It's the busiest, craziest, most out of control time of the year...... but I see it as a time to reinvent ourselves.

My fabulous four and I will be starting a new school year. The summer has flown by, don't you think? My challenge to those that might read this..... embrace the small moments and make as many memories as possible. It's going to be a grand few months ahead.

We may not have it all together but we are together and that's all that matters. Have a great end of the summer everyone! Just so you know.... at our house my sweet son has declared from now on every Monday be Chocolate Mondays! This is how we are celebrating..... Chocolate Birthday Bark.

Go.... celebrate.... enjoy! 

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