Sunday, April 3, 2016

C is for Coo-Coo Clock

The theme for my A to Z Challenge this year is The A to Z's of Unpacking. I have been fortunate to now be a home owner! I am in the process of unpacking, and I must say it is an adventure! Let's keep rolling with the letter C.

C is for the unpacking of my coo-coo clock. Now this is not an ordinary coo-coo clock. It's special, as most coo-coo clocks are. This particular one is special because it was given to me by my daddy. You see, my daddy had rheumatoid arthritis, and it made his fingers curve over to the sides. However, when he decided he wanted to do something he did it, and his disability never stopped him. He learned to build and repair clocks, and a lot of what he couldn't do with his hands he learned to do with special tools and magnets. I do miss him so, but when my clocks chime or when my coo-coo clock sounds off, I smile and remember his determination, his love for knowledge, and his joy in loving my kids.

When he passed away, I only had two children, yet he gave me enough antique clocks that all four will have one when they have their own homes. Me... well, I'm keeping the coo-coo clock.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Blue Mugs

The theme of my AtoZ Challenge is The A to Z's of Unpacking. 

Quite some time ago I finished the manuscript for my next book. I have it right here... and it needs editing. However, I know I have not been able to give it the time it needed so I wait. It's my summer project, and hopefully I'll be able to share it with you all soon! The title is BLUE MUG MONDAYS. It's actually a spin-off of FRIDAY LUNCH. For all of you who loved Audrey, you will enjoy meeting her sister, Tori.

Now, because I named the book BLUE MUG MONDAYS, I have started collecting blue mugs. I have one special blue mug that started it all. I have written a blog post about it before, but it is my favorite. It was given to me by my best friend in high school before I left for college.

This blue mug has traveled the world with me. I use it every Monday. Strange are the habits we form. I never know what I'll lose as the boxes are unpacked. There's always something that gets broken or damaged in every move, but I'm just thankful that through every journey this one piece of fun has survived.
If you ever stop by for a visit... there will always be chocolate, there will always be enough coffee, and there will always be a blue mug. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Five Minute Friday.... DECIDE

By my clock it's still Friday, so I'm going to join in on the Five Minute Fridays. The word for today is... DECIDE.

I've had to decide a lot of things that would be best for my family in the last year. One particular day stands out more than any other. I had a job interview lined up that would keep me close to the place I grew up. My kids had established friendships, my mom is close, our lives were taking root for the first time in a long time. I felt like I would get this one! Then... my phone rang. I was asked to come to an interview over four hours away on the very same day! It was a better paying job, and as a single mom I thought maybe I should go. In an instant, I prayed and with perfect peace I declined the interview, went on the interview already scheduled and was offered a job. I know I had to decide what was right for us.. and I am so thankful to finally have a home. More money would help, but it can't replace peace... and joy... and family.

Join Five Minute Fridays and have fun!

A is for Angel

And.... we're off!

It's that time once again, my friends, for the world fabulous A to Z challenge! Blogging has taken a back seat for some time for me. I've worked getting my second novel out, and the best news of all is I bought a house! That's right, a new home for the fabulous four and myself.

Since my head is completely wrapped around trying to establish a new home for my sweet family, I thought what better A to Z for me than The A to Z of Unpacking!!! It's been one crazy adventure as we are moving in as you'll see as the month progresses.

So to begin....  A is for Angel.

This sweet angel has graced every home that we have lived in as a family... and let me say it's been a long road to home. She will be the last thing I place on the hearth when the last packing box is gone from our home.

I can't wait to see what everyone is doing for the A to Z Challenge. Drop back by and visit!