Friday, April 1, 2016

Five Minute Friday.... DECIDE

By my clock it's still Friday, so I'm going to join in on the Five Minute Fridays. The word for today is... DECIDE.

I've had to decide a lot of things that would be best for my family in the last year. One particular day stands out more than any other. I had a job interview lined up that would keep me close to the place I grew up. My kids had established friendships, my mom is close, our lives were taking root for the first time in a long time. I felt like I would get this one! Then... my phone rang. I was asked to come to an interview over four hours away on the very same day! It was a better paying job, and as a single mom I thought maybe I should go. In an instant, I prayed and with perfect peace I declined the interview, went on the interview already scheduled and was offered a job. I know I had to decide what was right for us.. and I am so thankful to finally have a home. More money would help, but it can't replace peace... and joy... and family.

Join Five Minute Fridays and have fun!

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  1. yep, sometimes you just have to do what feels right. I'm glad everything is working out for you.