Sunday, May 29, 2011


I was typing..... of course I was typing.  It seems I'm typing quite a bit lately. Fun to have creativity flowing.  Nice to have ideas pouring from me so fast that my hands can't keep up! Yes, it was one of those days.....and then......

.........interrupted by the phone....... interrupted by making dinner....... interrupted by having to referee daughters two and three....... interrupted by laundry. I was frustrated, but then my sweet son walked by my desk and smiled. My heart melted and I said, "Hey, I love you." He looked at me, pointed my way, and said, "Hey, joy is a gift and this is the box it comes in."

Day..... made!

Thanks McDonalds! That Happy Meal commercial tag was just what I needed from that little smiling face to shift my focus and keep me going!

This post brought to you by
(not really, but it was fun to say.)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blackbeard and Chocolate Chips

I love Saturday mornings. They tend to be a bit lazier.... not a do nothing kind of day, but a day without hurry. A day made for fun. A day of discovery and laughter.  It's been that kind of day here. Our no hurry breakfast with Master Chef Benjamin. (I was told I was the sous chef for the day.)  He wanted to make breakfast. Chocolate chip muffins. 

Oh yes, it's a great way to start the day. (Not for me, of course. So he made me honey bran muffins too.)
He was the first one awake and wanted to surprise everyone.

Plus, the master chef gets to lick the spoon!

Then of course being the pirate fans that we are, we all gathered around to hear the story of the discovery of Blackbeard's anchor

We HAD to know more the Queen Ann's Revenge and learn a little pirate history. 

Of course we had to go see how Disney shows off Blackbeard with Jack Sparrow. Just for fun, click the compass. (yes, we earned all our pirate badges!) 

How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Lunch

I wanted to share the cover design for my book Friday Lunch! I finalized it with the graphic design team, and I'm absolutely thrilled! Thanks to all my friends along for this journey! I should have the release date soon!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What... I have to use a can opener!

I read somewhere that single parenting isn't for sissies. I agree. But, I think parenting in general takes the superhero in us all to really make life work. I'm not talking about money. Oh, money is nice, don't get me wrong..... I mean the creative side of parenting that keeps us all getting out of bed and enjoying every sticky smile.

I recently convinced every child in my house that Chef Boyardee isn't the Antichrist, and now they love that wonderful pasta boy creations. Most canned foods that have anything to do with children have the lids you simply pull off making lunch time go smoothly, and parents everywhere sigh with joy as we gain that extra two minutes of life.
Lunch at my house came without the pop top can. Chef Boyardee.... well, he's got life on track. But, when the store is OUT of what I want, I do the next best thing and reach for the store brand. No pop top on the cheaper brand.... no problem. 

I told the fabulous four they could play outside while I made lunch. I turned my music on..... super fast pasta meal coming up! 

Can opener..... fail. I turned and turned..... and about one fourth of the way around, the can opener bent just enough that it wouldn't cut. I tried bending it back but that didn't work. No problem. I could bend the lid with pliers in such a way that it at least the broken can opener would finish the job. 

Now, being a single mom I no longer possess the tool box. I have a hammer, necessary screwdrivers and duct tape, so I can fix just about anything. I needed pliers to bend this lid, but at least I could find a substitute. Scissors.... no, these are needed, and just wasn't willing to risk breaking those too. Then I saw what I could use. The hole puncher! 

I bent that lid... then cut that lid..... then bent.... and cut.... and bent..... yes, this had to go on for some time, but I refused to be defeated by the lack of a pop top can! The contents of that can however, were not packed in such a way to take such violence and it did create a bit of a mess. Still... I bent and cut my way around the top until it was open enough to pour out. 

After sharing this story with my mom, she brought me her extra can opener. I ask you... who has an extra can opener? My wonderful mom! Happy Birthday to her this weekend! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In 5 Years!

Trying to get the fabulous four to clean the house on a rainy or cloudy day is equivalent to herding squirrels..... or rushing turtles. I'm guilty myself of not wanting to do anything on those lazy rainy days, but we have to keep going. The bathroom caught the brunt of our rebellious slothfulness. So, I called everyone in there to pick up his or her part for life to continue functioning. That's when I noticed the wall.

I looked in amazement at how much chocolate was smeared there to turn on the light. Yes, it was chocolate. My sweet son likes to take apart his chocolate poptart during snack. Really seeing the wall made me laugh because despite the mess  he can make, he actually keeps his hands pretty clean. I turned to REALLY see the sink when that thought crossed my mind. Chocolate smeared there too. So, I cleaned feeling a bit defeated once I noticed even more that needed to be cleaned.... I was beginning to wonder if any chocolate actually made it in his mouth! (No picture to accompany today's post because who would want to see that.. haha!)

Then it hit me.... he's four. This won't last long. I'll blink and I'll be loading the car to take him to college.

I saw a blog yesterday..... 5 years until... something... that part I can't remember. But think about it... five years. In five years I'll be taking my oldest to college. In five years my second oldest will be driving. In five years my youngest daughter will be a teenager. In five years I won't be wiping my son's little sticky finger prints off the wall. He'll probably be asking me to make sure his ball uniform is clean. Five years. In five years I'll be ...... older! That's going to fly by, and I don't want to miss not one sticky print in the process!

Well, seeing how it's only about 1,826 more days until my oldest graduates, I guess I better go help her with math!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Keep On Laughing!

My house seems a bit crazy these days. I'm in the final stages of proofing the final revision of my manuscript Friday Lunch and I can't seem to remember anything. I'm sitting here typing and I hear a rumbling in the kitchen. I thought it was my imagination... kids are playing so noise happens. I keep typing. Then I hear a swishing sizzle sound. Water boiling over. Lovely. The making of chicken salad got lost in the thought process of "my desk is too messy so I'll clean while I think."

All day it seems the wires are crossed in my thoughts. Fresh cup of coffee... made... and forgotten. Reheated, but just not the same.

I couldn't hold a thought in my head...... until...... Benjamin wanted to do some "kindergarten work". I looked through my files and found a some fun things for him. He's four but wanted kindergarten pages to work on.... circling.... drawing lines to the correct answers. Fine. I needed to relax a bit.

We started working. Rhyming. Perfect. He could do this one no problem.

The picture was a hen and he had to draw a line to words that rhymed with hen. He was laughing at how easy it was. Delightful to spend time with him and just laugh.

The last picture was "men"......... (three guys together). Easy. So I say, "Okay, tell me the name of this picture. He said, "Boys." I giggled and said, "Well, look again. This one has a beard and they are all older, so what would they be called?" He said, "Dads." I laughed and said,  "They could be dads but we don't know just by looking at the picture. So, what would they be called as a group?" He said, "Guys." I was laughing more now. I said, "Guys could be one name, but let's think what other name we could use. Let's see......  there's women and then there's......????" His answer.... "Three mans." At that point I was laughing so much we couldn't go on. He was laughing too. Then as we settled down he asked, "Why are we laughing?" I just told him I loved him and he said I love you too, leaning his head to mine and bumped my forehead with the Mickey Mouse ears he has worn all day. When I told him the picture was "men" he yelled, "Hey! That rhymes with hen!" Done! Time to play with playdough!

Laughing with him got me back on track. Sometimes all we need to do is enjoy life a little to keep on going.

I want to introduce you to The Real Dad Rules by Dan Pearce. Check out his book and his blog! Always take the time to promote those that keep you entertained! Great Father's Day gift!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

When it's time to change....

Just Breathe by Manna Art
(Ever felt this small.... ever been surrounded by love this big?)
The effort of obedience sometimes requires us to go against what we consider safe to reach a place of security. I'm tired of playing it safe. Tired of coloring in the lines. Don't you want to be one of those people that step out in faith and just live? Oh, living like that comes with a price, but there is great joy in knowing that just for a moment, just for an instant, life is bigger and better simply because you take a chance. Your perspective on your life makes all the difference.

Life changes. Thank goodness! Right? Why would we want to remain in a meager existence and never see greatness evolve in our personal world? 

I read this today on someone's facebook page. "Mediocrity is its own punishment." I'm pretty much just typing all of this to myself. Ever in need of a jump-start? Boy, that's me! 

I talk with God quite a bit, but I'm learning to listen..... which by the way isn't an easy thing for me. I find He interrupts my thoughts lately when I'm complaining or asking for something. Just today I was talking to Him in the shower. Being a single mother of four, in the shower with the door locked I can actually complete a thought. So, this is where I sort out life. I sing. I talk out loud to God. I listen. I TOLD Him I wanted a better life for the fabulous four. I wanted to give them all I could to make them happy. I walked right into that trap. He stopped me right there. You want better for you and them.... be better for you and them. You want to make them happy....... be happy. 

I have pondered those statements for the entire day. Be better. Be happy.

Become what I desire. Become what I dream. Become what I pray for. 
What are you becoming? I think I was becoming a chocolate chip cookie!!! 

The old phrase 'you are what you eat' rings quite true, but go one step more.......
You are what you watch.
You are what you listen to.
You are what you read.
You are what you think.

All we do transforms us.... daily. Tired of playing it safe? Want a new perspective? Make changes that will change you. 

(So when I finished the last sentence, all I could hear was Peter Brady.... "When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange......Sha Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na Na.... Sha Na Na Na Na!) Having said that, I thought I should include that song just to leave you smiling. This will take you to youtube for viewing. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge: U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.... in no particular order.

After being without power due to tornado damage, it's nice to be back online. Finishing the A-Z Blogging Challenge in one swoop! So many favorites... just a great way to end it all!

I have a mixed media A-Z for you all to enjoy! For my 26 posts enjoy great movie lines, favorite children's books, fantastic music selections, and perhaps an episode of Seinfeld or I Love Lucy! A little something for everyone!

Willy Wonka: [singing] There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be. 

Willy Wonka: The suspense is terrible... I hope it'll last. 

Willy Wonka: So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Willy Wonka: Time is a precious thing. Never waste it. 

Willy Wonka: A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. 

(It's always a good time for Wolverine.)
Rogue: When they come out... does it hurt?
Wolverine: Every time. 

by Jan Brett
(My favorite children's author. Check out her site.)

by Casting Crowns
(if you haven't heard this group, it's worth the time to listen)

by Ewan McGregor 
from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

(Music to get you up and moving.)

Seinfeld - The Ex-Girlfriend
(Full episode)
Jerry: The waiting room. I hate when they make you wait in the room. 'Cause it says "Waiting Room." There's no chance of not waiting. 'Cause they call it the waiting room, they're gonna use it. They've got it. It's all set up for you to wait. And you sit there, you know, and you've got your little magazine. You pretend you're reading it, but you're really looking at the other people. You know, you're thinking about them. Things like, "I wonder what he's got. As soon as she goes, I'm getting her magazine." And then, they finally call you and it's a very exciting moment. They finally call you, and you stand up and you kinda look around at the other people in the room. "Well, I guess I've been chosen. I'll see you all later." You know, so you think you're going to see the doctor, but you're not, are you? No. You're going into the next waiting room the littler waiting room. But if they are, you know, doing some sort of medical thing to you, you want to be in the smallest room that they have, I think. You don't want to be in the largest room that they have. You know what I mean? You ever see these operating theatres that they have, with like, stadium seating? You don't want them doing anything to you that makes other doctors go, "I have to see this! Are you kidding? Are they really gonna do that to him? Are there seats? Can we get in?" Do they scalp tickets to these things? "I got two for the Winslow tumor, I got two"

I Love Lucy - Vacation From Marriage
(full episode)
Ricky: You know something, Fred. I hate to admit this, but I'd like to see Lucy tonight.
Fred: I can top that. I'd like to see Ethel.