Monday, May 16, 2011

Keep On Laughing!

My house seems a bit crazy these days. I'm in the final stages of proofing the final revision of my manuscript Friday Lunch and I can't seem to remember anything. I'm sitting here typing and I hear a rumbling in the kitchen. I thought it was my imagination... kids are playing so noise happens. I keep typing. Then I hear a swishing sizzle sound. Water boiling over. Lovely. The making of chicken salad got lost in the thought process of "my desk is too messy so I'll clean while I think."

All day it seems the wires are crossed in my thoughts. Fresh cup of coffee... made... and forgotten. Reheated, but just not the same.

I couldn't hold a thought in my head...... until...... Benjamin wanted to do some "kindergarten work". I looked through my files and found a some fun things for him. He's four but wanted kindergarten pages to work on.... circling.... drawing lines to the correct answers. Fine. I needed to relax a bit.

We started working. Rhyming. Perfect. He could do this one no problem.

The picture was a hen and he had to draw a line to words that rhymed with hen. He was laughing at how easy it was. Delightful to spend time with him and just laugh.

The last picture was "men"......... (three guys together). Easy. So I say, "Okay, tell me the name of this picture. He said, "Boys." I giggled and said, "Well, look again. This one has a beard and they are all older, so what would they be called?" He said, "Dads." I laughed and said,  "They could be dads but we don't know just by looking at the picture. So, what would they be called as a group?" He said, "Guys." I was laughing more now. I said, "Guys could be one name, but let's think what other name we could use. Let's see......  there's women and then there's......????" His answer.... "Three mans." At that point I was laughing so much we couldn't go on. He was laughing too. Then as we settled down he asked, "Why are we laughing?" I just told him I loved him and he said I love you too, leaning his head to mine and bumped my forehead with the Mickey Mouse ears he has worn all day. When I told him the picture was "men" he yelled, "Hey! That rhymes with hen!" Done! Time to play with playdough!

Laughing with him got me back on track. Sometimes all we need to do is enjoy life a little to keep on going.

I want to introduce you to The Real Dad Rules by Dan Pearce. Check out his book and his blog! Always take the time to promote those that keep you entertained! Great Father's Day gift!


  1. Laughter is so good for you though at the moment I haven't done my share of laughing owing to health and family problems, but it's me that's suffering through not laughing and others don't want to see a miserable face so yes I'll carry on laughing,


  2. :Laughter is not only the best medicine but an amazing refresher! Such a cute story :)