Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In 5 Years!

Trying to get the fabulous four to clean the house on a rainy or cloudy day is equivalent to herding squirrels..... or rushing turtles. I'm guilty myself of not wanting to do anything on those lazy rainy days, but we have to keep going. The bathroom caught the brunt of our rebellious slothfulness. So, I called everyone in there to pick up his or her part for life to continue functioning. That's when I noticed the wall.

I looked in amazement at how much chocolate was smeared there to turn on the light. Yes, it was chocolate. My sweet son likes to take apart his chocolate poptart during snack. Really seeing the wall made me laugh because despite the mess  he can make, he actually keeps his hands pretty clean. I turned to REALLY see the sink when that thought crossed my mind. Chocolate smeared there too. So, I cleaned feeling a bit defeated once I noticed even more that needed to be cleaned.... I was beginning to wonder if any chocolate actually made it in his mouth! (No picture to accompany today's post because who would want to see that.. haha!)

Then it hit me.... he's four. This won't last long. I'll blink and I'll be loading the car to take him to college.

I saw a blog yesterday..... 5 years until... something... that part I can't remember. But think about it... five years. In five years I'll be taking my oldest to college. In five years my second oldest will be driving. In five years my youngest daughter will be a teenager. In five years I won't be wiping my son's little sticky finger prints off the wall. He'll probably be asking me to make sure his ball uniform is clean. Five years. In five years I'll be ...... older! That's going to fly by, and I don't want to miss not one sticky print in the process!

Well, seeing how it's only about 1,826 more days until my oldest graduates, I guess I better go help her with math!


  1. Those five years will quickly pass, It don't seem so long ago mine were at school now they are adults with kids of their own. Enjoy them while you can mess or no mess.


  2. I can remember my mother telling me to enjoy the time now because time will fly and you will miss it. At the time I was a frazzled mother of four sons who gave new meaning to extra energy. I thought my mom was nuts. Now years later, I really do know what she was talking about.
    I really do miss those little boys...

  3. Time does fly rather quickly sometimes...

  4. I've only got three months until I take mine.... Enjoy this precious time.

    Thanks so much for coming by and following! I really do appreciate it!