Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Challenge

Good day to all who stop by from the IWSG. It seems that every year I attempt the A to Z Challenge, and every year my April seems to spiral out of control. Well, it's time to get things in proper order. Writing always seems to take the backseat in life for me lately. Do any of you have that problem? 

I think it's time to prioritize.I used to have everything scheduled out for my day and my week. That hasn't been the case as of late, but moving into my new home has taken off the blinders of life. My kids and I are making life fun again, and writing is my personal fun and I intend to enjoy it again. Schedules are being made for everything we do. It just makes life easier, and organization sure makes it easier to find our keys when it's time to go to work!

So my personal challenge is to write something each day. We as a family are going to do one thing each day that makes our home a better place to be. We are still unpacking because with four children time is a precious commodity. Now I challenge you, my writer friends, to run with that new idea you have (because we all have one), and spend time making it amazing!

My goal for this summer is to finish my rough draft editing of my latest manuscript to send in and to complete the manuscript for book four (it's my favorite thing I've written so far).

What are you working on this summer? I'm thinking also about hosting an online writing retreat. Would anyone like to help?

Have an amazing Wednesday!