Saturday, May 14, 2011

When it's time to change....

Just Breathe by Manna Art
(Ever felt this small.... ever been surrounded by love this big?)
The effort of obedience sometimes requires us to go against what we consider safe to reach a place of security. I'm tired of playing it safe. Tired of coloring in the lines. Don't you want to be one of those people that step out in faith and just live? Oh, living like that comes with a price, but there is great joy in knowing that just for a moment, just for an instant, life is bigger and better simply because you take a chance. Your perspective on your life makes all the difference.

Life changes. Thank goodness! Right? Why would we want to remain in a meager existence and never see greatness evolve in our personal world? 

I read this today on someone's facebook page. "Mediocrity is its own punishment." I'm pretty much just typing all of this to myself. Ever in need of a jump-start? Boy, that's me! 

I talk with God quite a bit, but I'm learning to listen..... which by the way isn't an easy thing for me. I find He interrupts my thoughts lately when I'm complaining or asking for something. Just today I was talking to Him in the shower. Being a single mother of four, in the shower with the door locked I can actually complete a thought. So, this is where I sort out life. I sing. I talk out loud to God. I listen. I TOLD Him I wanted a better life for the fabulous four. I wanted to give them all I could to make them happy. I walked right into that trap. He stopped me right there. You want better for you and them.... be better for you and them. You want to make them happy....... be happy. 

I have pondered those statements for the entire day. Be better. Be happy.

Become what I desire. Become what I dream. Become what I pray for. 
What are you becoming? I think I was becoming a chocolate chip cookie!!! 

The old phrase 'you are what you eat' rings quite true, but go one step more.......
You are what you watch.
You are what you listen to.
You are what you read.
You are what you think.

All we do transforms us.... daily. Tired of playing it safe? Want a new perspective? Make changes that will change you. 

(So when I finished the last sentence, all I could hear was Peter Brady.... "When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange......Sha Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na Na.... Sha Na Na Na Na!) Having said that, I thought I should include that song just to leave you smiling. This will take you to youtube for viewing. 


  1. Change isn't easy, I've been trying...but I keep getting knocked back down. Trying to pick myself up, clean out the scrapes and bandage up the scares again. When you have so much come down on you all at once it tends to be overwhelming. Thank you for being here and I hope we can always help each other during life's trials. I'm not perfect...just human. That's the way God wants me to be.

  2. Sometimes life changes and we don't reaalise it.
    Things we took for granted are hard to do.
    But if one has inner peace one can change their lives for the better I believe.


  3. I really appreciate all your posts. They encourage us all!

  4. "Be Better, Be Happy". I like it! I too have been contemplating change. Listening to God instead of only talking will ultimately produce fruits of better and happy and as you already know, its difficult to allow God to reach deep within us and expose our ugliness. We don't want to admit its been there, and then we don't like letting it go. Life here on this earth is hard. We have so many heartaches and losses. Sometimes its easier to to remember this is only temporary, but the temporary seems to drag on and on and we are stuck with the same problems, the same broken hearts, the same broken world. When I have myself a pity party, I remind myself that so many more are struggling harder than me and it reminds me to thank the Lord for His blessings. We are in a fallen world and things get difficult, but Jesus came to save us from eternal suffering, and He also said He gave us life more abundantly! He gives us grace to deal with whatever comes our way, and He gives us the power to "BE BETTER, AND TO BE HAPPY" no matter the circumstances! Vanessa, I need to borrow your mantra! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You had me from the very first paragraph. Bravo! :)

  6. I am not sure what to say, but I want to say something. There has been a lot I've been thinking about lately and it has a lot to do with change.

    Let me just say thanks for your words. They were a good springboard for thought this evening.