Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Try Something New

When is the last time you tried something new? I don't mean walking a different route in the grocery story, though if you're stuck in a rut, even that's exciting.

I mean try something. Do something just for fun. I realize sometimes I forget to have fun. I'm a fun mom, but as far as me having fun.... it's a lost art. So, I've decided this year to HAVE more fun. It's a do things for me kind of  year. Does that make me selfish... hardly. Being more of who I am makes me a better mom..... a better me.

My attempt at fun. Now, don't laugh. I didn't say I was going to climb Everest or anything. I'm going to make my own chess set. I started one on New Year's Eve out of clay. Painting is yet to come.
But today, I start carving. Well, I'm blogging about starting. 

My fantastic sister and brother-in-law have given me carving tools for Christmas.

He also gave me his mortar box and saw with several pieces of wood to start with.

I'm still in the research phase on what design I want to attempt, but I can't wait to get started! 

Yes, I'm a geek in the eyes of most, but to sit and create beauty out of a block of wood while I can think quietly about how to end the manuscript for book #2.... sounds like heaven to me. 

Stay tuned for the updates on my masterpiece and on my manuscript! 


  1. You are the coolest! I wish you lived next door to me! I was an only child until I was 8 so I got a good head start on coming up with weird things to amuse myself!

    Denise DeSio - Author of Rose's Will
    PS: I just signed up to be a guest interview.

  2. This is awesome! I don't know anyone who has learned how to carve, very cool! I'm a new MBC follower and look forward to your future posts and carving creations!

  3. That is so cool. You should write a blog post on how to carve :-)