Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bald is Beautiful... but not on me!

As a writer, I am always daydreaming. As a hopeless romantic, I'm always daydreaming. This, however, can be dangerous!

I have been having some serious back issues, so in the shower I decided instead of shaving my legs I would use hair removal cream. Easy enough, right? I caked it on thick so I would NOT have to shave.

I'm in the shower, thinking about all I had to do that day. I was thinking about how much laundry needed to be washed. I was thinking about all the work I had to do. I was thinking about the crazy other world kind of dream I just woke up from. I started thinking of how I needed to write it down so I wouldn't forget just how cool it was, and that maybe I could make it into a great story. Time enough had passed so I wiped off the horrible hair removal cream. Without thinking... I was still in story mode, a great outline was forming.... I took the shampoo, filled my hand, and started washing my hair. My eyes were burning, so I wiped them quickly. Then.... I thought to myself... did I wash all that hair removal cream off my hands??? Did I?? Oh no... did I???? PANIC!

I touched my eyebrows... still there!
I touched my eyelashes.... still there!
I touched to front of my hair.... still there!

While it's no secret that I love bald on a man 
(thank you Vin, for setting the bar so high)
I kind of like my hair just like it is.
Just a little wake up call that I need to be more focused.... true in every area of my life right now. 
More focused.


  1. LOL...I can get lost in my fantasies sometimes. Glad your hair is intact. :)

  2. I am quite fond of my lack of focus. What needs to get done, will eventually get done.

  3. lack of focus cost me big at the eye doctor but sure gave me a good story and picture! Looks like it worked for you too! Hilarious story, MUCH better picture than mine!