Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retro Summer Blogfest

Summer has always been a time for hanging out with friends, new adventures, fabulous vacations, movie marathons.... and the music we love graces each situation. I happened across the Retro Summer Blogfest and knew I had to participate.

The rules for the blogfest stated you had to find a mixed audio cd that you haven't listened to in a while, write down all the tracks; artist and song title, write down what the songs means to you and why you like it.

I have a box of old cassette tapes in my garage that I dug through. I found a stack numbered 1-10, but I had no idea what songs were on there. That's right.... I said cassette tapes.

So here are the treasures I found on cassette tape #10:
Tape rewound... push play.... and the sound of what... what is that sound? Wait, I know that sound!  I eject the tape.

The Bic pen is my favorite pen to write with. I don't know why, but I won't write with any other. It's my one silly writerly thing that I do. However, today it saved my #10.

Proceed with the treasure hunt.

Side A
Two out of Three Ain't Bad - Meatloaf
Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf
For Crying out Loud - Meatloaf

Evidently I was partial to side two of my sister's Bat out of Hell album.
Next... empty space. What? That's it! A 90 minute cassette tape with three songs on one side. Side B needs to step it up or I'm going to have the worst blog in the blogfest. Meatloaf is good, but not that good. 

Side B:
I'll Still Be Lovin' You - Restless Heart 
(Wait, what tape is this... is this just sappy love songs... too funny!)
Only To Be With You - U2
(U2 slightly redemptive from sappy, but we are only on song #2.)
Lost In Emotion - Lisa Lisa Cult Jam
(You know that dance that's only cool in the 80s.... it's that type of song.)
Didn't We Almost Have It All - Whitney Houston
(I was pining away there, huh?)
One Heartbeat at a Time - Smokey Robinson
(Evidently my radio being taken away should have been my punishment, not the keys to my car.)
Wipe Out - The Fat Boys and The Beach Boys
(Our cheerleading squad did a dance routine for the halftime of the basketball game to this one.)
It's Not Over 'Til It's Over - Starship
(Remember "riding around".... the aimless driving, but oh so fun. This song was played a lot.)
Honestly - Stryper
(Big hair bands were just the best. I think I liked them because they opened for Bon Jovi. Am I right?)
Can't We Try - Dan Hill and Vonda Shepard
(The sappiness continues.)
Always - Atlantic Starr
(Oh, they played this at my junior prom.)
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Anita O'Day
(The song from the wonderful movie Every Time We Say Goodbye. I stayed up and recorded this from the television.)
Commercials from the radio...... one of those times you walk off while you're recording and forget, and then you try to tape over it with other songs, but it's still there at the end. Whatever was on sale that day, it was 2 for $4.

That's it. Thanks, for walking with me down memory lane. The 80s were fabulous and music was fun. If this tape could tell you ALL the stories that went with each song... well, I'd have to smash it with a hammer. 

While digging in that box of treasures, I did come across a few jewels.
Happy blogfest everyone. Cut FOOTLOOSE!


  1. Ha! I remember many days filled with running for a pen to put my tapes back together!

    Great song list - 80's music is the best. And your right about if these mixed tapes could talk; we'd all be branding hammers!

    Thank you for participating! :)

  2. Loved these selections. I'll be dancing all day!

  3. I recently found my old mix TAPES too! Unfortunately they were just snatches from the radio of songs I was obsessed with... over and over and over. 30+ worth!

  4. Hasn't this been a hysterical trip down memory lane?

    I'm shocked that Whitney Houston and Bon Jovi weren't on my tape. You know what that means...there's another reall cool mix of 80s music somewhere in this house. Fear that.

  5. I thought I knew you! I was a teenager in the 80's and I just can's stand meatloaf- the singer, not the meal... Bon Jovi, of course was totally fine!

  6. Excellent selections I missed out on this blogfest somehow, music is right up my street and love to put down my favourites.


  7. I love the old school fixing of the tape! That took be back right there. And I haven't heard Stryper mentioned in years! Now I have to go listen to them. Great mix!!

  8. Don't have any tapes anymore, put them all on cd thanx to the computer. Now alot of those cd's are gone too since I bought the original one.
    Have about 600 cd's but remember Stryper very well, saw them live in Belgium on a rock festival.
    Gotta say my taste is a bit harder, but I remember loving all those hair bands in the 80's : Bon Jovi, Europe, Mötley Crüe, Poison,...
    They had awesome ballads, remembering being on the beach with the girlfriend and just enjoying the summer :)
    What does time flies fast, lucky some music is timeless :)

  9. Omigod, this list is hysterical--I totally remember our cheerleaders doing a half time show to Wipe Out. And Meatloaf--my brother had the album and that cover scared the holy Hell out of me for the longest time.

  10. Oh yeah, I remember Stryper. And fixing tapes with a pen. And rewinding them by twirling the cassette on a pen! Or was I the only one who did that...?

  11. What a fun post with the photos of fixing the cassette tape with a pen. I had forgotten about doing that and it was great to relive memories. Sometimes the littlest memories are the best - they bring back a flood of other memories with them.

  12. Oh my goodness! THE FAT BOYS! I used to love them. Do you remember the movie they made (yes, they made a movie!) called The Disorderlies? It wasn't any good. But I loved their music. SO FUN!

    And I love the memory of taping things off of the radio. Are any of your songs missing the beginnings? Mine usually were. I was never quite fast enough.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog and following...I'm following you back. As I'm partial to the beach, I LOVE your blog header. :) Great really took me back. LOL

  14. I very much want to download a lot of these songs! hehe

  15. You'll have NO idea just how true this post is and the memories it brought back...I know that I have a couple of mixtapes lying around in boxes. I just might have to dig them out one of these days...