Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fear or Freedom

I watched in awe yesterday as my youngest daughter braved the diving board. Her courage was adorable. She ran, she jumped, she sprang into the air and the words...."CANNON BALL!"....... were heard for miles around. Of course she couldn't swim well so she wore the little swimmers.... known by some as water wings... those fabulous arm floats that help moms rest at ease knowing the child will stay afloat. 

This particular day the swimmers just didn't do their job. One split and floated away when she came back to the surface. Fear took place of fun instantly. Panic filled her face. Then.... something happened. She just started swimming with the one swimmer. It took longer to get to the shallow end but she made it. 

With that experience behind her she wondered since she swam well with only one, could she swim with none. The other swimmer was tossed to the side. Off she went, across the pool.... never stopping. Never fearing. Never looking to see who was watching. Just swimming...... with freedom.

With great pride in her accomplishment she swam from side to side over and over and called out to anyone who would watch. Tiring, she donned the extra swimmers that were at the pool. The diving board still hasn't been conquered without them, but there are many more days of summer just waiting for fun!

I thought about her experience all day. My sweet little girl. 

Life takes risks. Life takes courage. Don't you think it's time to take off your own water wings and see what freedom you can find? I know I'm ready.  Fear....... freedom..... make your choice. 

(These were simply added with today's post... well, just because it's summer and you need more fun!)

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  1. Hi. Already a follower on GFC. Now on FB too! Great post and the rice krispie treats look fun to make.

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  2. Well done on the "Freedom" of your little girl,
    it do put some of us adults to shame, I know I have a big fear, but the rest of my life I am as positive as anyone can, must get that fear sorted out.


  3. Congrats to your baby girl on an awesome courageous moment!!!
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  4. Oh that made me a little teary thinking of my own when they were little. Thank God for Grandchildren!
    Thinking of your little one; and my sweet little beach baby just crawling into the ocean without an ounce of fear...I must admit right now I do have a fear of the unknown. I am so excited and my dreams are coming true but I am scared...how about you?

  5. What a brave young girl :)

    She showed real guts, and dared to take a step that grown ups sometimes doesn't dare to take,
    WTG little girl.

  6. Yay, for your girl, learning to trust herself and finding confidence, etc ... That's exciting.

    I took a leap recently. It's scary, but also exhilerating.