Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Funny Side of Life.... Part 2

Do you ever notice the ads on the right side of your facebook page? I started paying closer attention to the ads and the pictures, and I'm completely entertained. I borrowed these to share because if even one of you can smile...then the ads have worked. For those that missed my first post of ads click here. The collection continues. Enjoy.

Mom's $10,000 grant trick
(Am I suppose to scare them into giving me money?)

(I couldn't remember the title but this is just funny.)
(Ever had to do this in public?)

Have fun with foam.
(Not that much fun.)

(I can't remember the title on this either.)
(Wouldn't you make that *GASP* sound if this was your camera.)

Search results can hurt.
(Well, sure if this is what you like to wear.)

Want to take a trip on Southwestern Airlines?
(Voluntary motion sickness... no.)

Sign up to train your dragon.
(This should read - Sign up for free nightmares. I am no longer a fan of all things creepy.)

Build your dream park full of puppies and kittens.
(Sound like a lot of clean up to me.)

Mr. Clean, Man of Mystery: Who is he? Superhero, Pirate, Hot Dude Next Door?
(I just need him to come clean.)

Become a social worker in 1YR.
(Yes, we need social workers to round up  all the electric children.)

(Again, no idea what this said.)
(But wouldn't you include it... stop looking... I know, I couldn't stop either.)

Be a dietitian in 1YR
(..... then  perhaps you can help rescue this man.)

Dinner Dash Facebook Ap.
(If you have never played.... oh it's time.)

No more waxing!
(That's right ladies, they'll take all the unwanted hair and make it grow from your eyelashes.)

Wishbone Salad Dressing.
(Tyler Florence. Cute gets included.)


  1. Mr. Clean gets me every time. I wuv Mr. Clean.

  2. Yeah, the photos don't always seem to match the ads, do they?

  3. I always laugh at the photos that show up for those ads. Like the grants for moms, but the photo is the mugshot of a creepy looking dude. I mean, WTF right?

  4. These are funny. Those ads are VERY bizarre, to put it mildly.

  5. Hahaha! Those are awesome! I find it funny how much the picture usually has NOTHING to do with what it is they are actually advertising.