Friday, June 3, 2011

The Funny Side of Life

The advertisements on the right side of my facebook page completely entertain me, so I started collecting them to share with you.  The fabulous four and I have laughed at all of these.

The caption for the first two pictures reads: 
Become a Dietitian 1 YR

So becoming a dietitian will help me identify the food I can make cool stuff with or just play with in general.

The title on this picture made me laugh out loud!
Give Single Dads a Chance
Let's be realistic. This man can't be single. 

This needed no title. It stands alone. 

The title here had to be written first and the picture inserted later.
Hot Shoes! Just $39.95
I assume this does not include the amount you will spend in the emergency room after gracefully falling.

The title here: 
Pell Grants for Women
So if I get the pell grant I won't end up in a giant glass, or will I? Hmm....

Who wouldn't want to go to this!! I did however neglect to see where this is, so the google search is all yours.
I wonder how many episodes of Full House the Beach Boys are in? 

The title of this one: Lower Your Auto Insurance
Umm..... this is information she should have had yesterday.

Yet another dietitian ad. 
In just one year I can convince my children that fruit, while tasty, CAN be used as rain gear. Is it me, or does this look like a muppet gone bad?

Just a fabulous ad for body art... this is not a tattoo... it's henna.
This was the add I actually visited. She sells belly dancing attire and a "how to" video. Plus, she'll actually come and create art on your party guests! 

This title came as a question:
Want to know why moms love Cheerios?
Well, that's a given. I'll answer with a question. Do you know how easy it is to sweep up this snack?

I do hope you've enjoyed the ads of facebook as much as we have. Now I can start a new file! 
To be continued..........


  1. I like the playing with food idea and I'm with you, if that guy's single, something's wrong.

  2. I don't get any of those adds on my fb page except the one about being single. My guy's picture is of a young cop. Can we say cougar? GROWL!

  3. Love these! I kept getting ones for singles which was fun. Then I realized I hadn't indicated I was in a relationship on my profile. When I did, the ads were much less exciting.

  4. These ARE funny, I never pay much attention to the FB ads but I'm going to now. That pell grant ad is hilarious.

  5. Those are hilarious! I'm going to have to pay more attention to the ads that are on my facebook!