Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Great Outdoors

It's June and that means it's Great Outdoors Month! Little things matter this time of year. The moments without the television. Families unplugged. Here's a few ideas to get your crew outside and having fun.

Go fishing and teach your kids how to safely bait a hook or take a fish off the line.
Go hiking and keep a field guide along the way of all the interesting things you find.
Picnic. This doesn't have to be a lot of work. Pack lots of snacks and drinks. 
Go to the beach for the weekend and play.... play...... play.
Keep a moon phase calendar. It's the perfect time to start with that giant moon out there this time of the month.
Buy flowers to plant together and let the kids weed and water them. 
Discover the beauty in your own backyard. Look for insects and go bird watching.
Play in the local park. 
Go swimming. Invite others.
Go stargazing OFTEN. Learn a few constellations with your kids.
Go camping. 

Saturday, June 25th, is the Annual Great American Backyard Campout. Click here to learn more from the National Wildlife Federation. There's even a facebook page to join for this event!

Discover the Be Out There campaign to get kids outside playing. Sign up for their newsletter and get motivated for fun!

Make your outdoor time an adventure. Here's a link for those with smaller children. Playtime is learning for them.
Exploring Science in the Backyard.

Need some quick ideas for fun? The Disney FamilyFun site has great ideas! 

The fabulous four and I are star gazing quite a bit. I have my super seven year old making a star book. Each constellation we find, she recreates with stickers and then learns the name. Now when we get out of the car at night, no one rushes in the house. Everyone takes the time to stop, look up and take in the beauty of the night. 

Teach your family to notice life. Create your own family outdoor fun this month. You're not just making memories, you're creating moments that knit your hearts closer. Enjoy all the fun you can find!!!


  1. Hope you have a great summer out doors, there is so much going on and it need not cost much.
    Like the parks and wildlife, watching them can educate yourself and children.
    Have fun.

  2. Yes, get outside. Good to promote these activities.

  3. Nothing like getting out and communing with Mother Nature!

  4. Getting outside is a great idea. I loved going camping and fishing with my parents when I was younger! New follower from MBC, have a great week! You can find me at