Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance in the kitchen....

Friday nights at my house are loud. I had a friend visit earlier in the evening and she might say my kids are quiet and shy. Well, they tend to not show off as much when company comes unless they know you, and then the show begins.

Friday nights in my house are loud. I said that, yes, but here's why. We call it our "Dance In The Kitchen Night." It's a time of washing dishes, sweeping the floor, unloading the dishwasher, and creating our own dance as the music plays loud enough that it can be heard outside.

I like this time for us because everyone is laughing. Everyone has fun. Everyone is free to be silly. We go to our playlist and choose our category labeled "Dance in the Kitchen." We've taken suggestions from our friends and family each Friday for several weeks and compiled a very diverse selection of songs to enjoy.

For a moment we rock to the hair bands from the 80's. We twirl with the soundtrack from our favorite princess movie. We twist with Chubby Checker. Elvis steals the show with Jailhouse Rock. We sing back up with Sinatra. We stand in our chairs around the dining room table so Aretha can spell Respect. Casting Crowns brings us into worship, and we dance in worship with Audio Adrenaline.

It can get crazy! I had to tell Benjamin to stop climbing up the wall tonight by the counter when Bon Jovi was on the Lost Highway. His response, "It's what a spider monkey would do." I had nothing. So, like every good mom would say, "Just dance with your feet on the floor."

We laugh and dance, and when we're completely tired, we settle in for movie night (with chocolate from the chocolate fairy - thank you, by the way).

It's all about the moments you can laugh together that make life amazing! Make your own play list and create your own Dance in the Kitchen time.

You know you want to click on these blue words. :)

Tell us about any silly times your family shares together?


  1. I don't have to many silly times anymore...mine have almost all gone their separate ways. I remember dancing and cleaning house with mine to, those were great times...until the neighbor calls the police instead of knocking on the door and asking if you can turn down the music. :-) (sorry neighbor!)

    It's great to have good friends...and chocolate!

  2. This is one of the best ways in which to clean the house. I'll do this sometime in my classroom, too. My students think it's the bomb to clean to whatever song it is that they currently love.

    I'll sometimes also play the Mission Impossible theme and we have only 2 1/2 minutes to get everything done. It makes it a lot of fun...

  3. You know Marih lives in B'ham but she has been in the hospital here this week. Had to have emergency surgery so yesterday we had to go to B'ham to get her clothes and things because she is going to be staying here. Her fiance is in the army and he has been sent to South Carolina for 4 months. Well anyway on the way home we had Lenny Kravit blasting and it got to gettin in me and I started dancing around while driving...She was laughing so hard. Even though she is 19 she is still my baby and we have so much fun together.