Monday, February 7, 2011

Keep the laughter coming....

Have you laughed today? Really laughed?  Families are the best to laugh at because we can share in so much with unconditional acceptance.  My kids make me laugh.  I haven't always allowed myself to enjoy that type of fun.  Life gets busy and sometimes we start existing around one another without hearing or seeing life happen.  My entertained.  Be entertaining.  Laugh a little more at yourself.

We keep a running journal of family funny happenings.  Our family funny book stays in our kitchen to read at different times.  Great stories that had us laughing that we simply don't want to forget.  I encourage every family to do this.  Write it in a notebook, a journal, on your laptop... whatever.  Once a month, at dinner, read some of the funny times in your family and share the joyous laughter all over again.  

Yesterday was one of our funny moments.  Benjamin, though potty trained, still needs help from time to time in the bathroom.  So, I'm in the kitchen and he calls out, "Mommy, I'm done!  Come in here! Mommy, hello, I'm finished!  MOOOMMMYYY!  I'm walking to him but I'm giggling listening to all the ways he's calling.  He was completely entertained in the process of just calling me.  I walk in and say, "I thought I heard you calling in the distance." He looked puzzled and then he said, "This is called the BATH... ROOM, don't you know that?"  I laughed and said, "Oh, I know."  He added, "Well, sometimes I do like to call this the emergency room..... you know?"  

This is your chance... share a funny moment from your family, then pass this on and keep the laughter going!

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  1. I like this idea, and will be trying it very soon. Thanks!