Saturday, February 12, 2011

You are welcome here... if you dare.

I have discovered I live in an enchanted house.  While I'm sleeping many exciting things must be happening.  I wake and the sink has produced dirty dishes.  The laundry hamper breeds new dirty clothes.  My carpet grows hair that has to be swept with a broom so the vacuum cleaner doesn't get clogged.  The pantry eats our food.  The lights come on magically when no one is in the room.  Dressers are spitting out clean clothes on the floor. The front door secretly lets the cat in to play. My couch produces clean clothes to fold. Toys escape from the toy boxes and must have splendid parties during our slumber. Socks play fascinating games of hide and seek. Hangers throw coats all in the closet floor. My desk produces paper and hides my to do list. The toilet.... well, let's not discuss the toilet. It is the dark side of my enchanted dwelling. We struggle with the fact that our house is so unique, as we are never sure what will happen next. I have found that popcorn dropped from the table does tend to settle the hunger of my kitchen floor so the kids won't be swallowed up while they enjoy their morning snack. My four wonderful beautiful loving children are merely the victims of living in enchantment. For how could they be responsible for occurrences such as these.

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  1. Amazing! I lived in that house a few years before you and I can verify everything you are saying. I had the same experiences! But as crazy as it seems the magic has followed me to the house that I now live in. Weird huh? Darrin