Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's going to happen... like it or not.

Change is necessary.  Change isn't always fun or exciting or even wanted.  However, change creates room for life to happen.  I believe there is great beauty waiting to be unleashed in our lives if only we embrace the changes before us.

I watched my sister play my guitar while we sang together.  She knows quite a bit more than I do on the guitar.  I used to play.  But, time passes and something gets lost in the shuffle.  The simple desire to play left me. I tried to play a song she was showing me with little success.  The length of my nails, the fact that the tips of my fingers have gotten soft with time.  Not knowing the chords.  Well, I laughed at myself but I tried.  If I'm to play then change has to come.  Change on the inside, change on the outside.

I play the guitar for my kids and we sing....sometimes. My audience of four think I'm cool, and the cows in the pasture behind my house don't judge when we sing on the back deck.  I've thought a lot about that old black guitar today.  There's music in there just waiting to be played.  There's beauty in those strings.  So, I cut my nails and I picked up my guitar.  When I held it God gave me a wonderful gift of speaking into my heart.  As I played, the strings hurt my fingers. I'm really not good at all.  But with a little effort a recognizable song will emerge.  God showed me that beauty can come from pain.  Effort is rewarded when your heart's in what you believe.  There's something about making music.  It frees the soul.  Consider the music of your life.  Whatever change He has you going through, whatever process may be causing you pain, hold on.  The pain of your heart will produce beauty in your life if you make sure your efforts lead to Him.


  1. Very nice! You are a true writer. Darrin

  2. It is uncanny we both wrote about change tonight!

    Just as you long to make beautiful music on the guitar, I long to do the same with the trombone. I remember spending many nights with sore swollen lips...but when you get it and put it all together it is so beautiful.

    I remember as a child going to my Mother's family reunions her and all her siblings would play instruments and was like going to a folk music festival. I miss that. I always want to sing, but could never carry a tune. The trombone way my destined instrument...and I was good at it.

    I'm hoping one day soon, when my children are older and I have more time, I can go back and sit in with the jazz band again. It warmed my heart to be a part of making beautiful music again.