Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sentimental Sundays

There are people that grace our lives we will never forget. There are those we hold in our hearts that we pull out for an emotional hug and then tuck them nicely away until another time. There are those who simply knowing them, changed our lives.

My grandmother was such a person. Grandmother... well, she was Granny to me.  My best friend, my opponent in Old Maid and Candy Land, my fellow watcher of General Hospital and back up singer to the morning gospel hour. I was assigned a position in front of the television to watch her show and report a play by play of drama while she cooked, just in case someone kissed or was shot. She didn't want to miss any action. I was four and I knew the world around my house and that of her magic kingdom. I followed her through her garden as she worked, funny how that memory brings back the smell of fresh uncovered earth. I followed her to gather eggs, my first fear of birds I do believe began here. I followed her around the pond to go fishing. She was very patient with baiting my hook. I followed her as she hung up the wet clothes to dry. The smell of fresh laundry in the breeze and the snap of a sheet in the wind. She taught me to love coffee, to love the earth and all it could give, to savor the breeze on a hot day, and to believe in whatever God would tell me. She kept all my secrets, shared my chocolate and gave all the love she had without question. A woman of great strength who said what she thought, lived what she believed, and loved her family. Our family still gathers together for every occasion because of the way she loved. We should do it more, but lives are busier than the Sunday dinners at her house.

Take the time to ponder on the people that gave meaning to who you are. Remember them with joy, and if you are blessed to still have those people with you, let them know their love makes you smile today.


  1. Maybe we should slow down at times and have "Sunday dinners" before we don't have the opportunity to have them anymore....

    Thank you!

  2. Wow.Reading this brought back so many wonderfull memeories. I was fortunate to be old enough to enjoy my Great Grandparents on my mothers side. I attribute my love of the outdoors and adventure to my Great Grandpa. He would come early in the mornings way before the School bus would run and pick me up so I could help check on his varmit traps. Yep, he was a trapper and what I would call a real Mountainman. He new hard work and how to survive. I have many good memories of our time together and life lessons he taught me. I have been blessed with all my Grandparents they all have a special place in my memories and they all are stil a part of me today. I had much to write about in my "Adventures of Lem Bentlow" book about my Great Grandpa. I give him credit for my love of the outdoors and give a short history of why.
    I agree with Connie about the "Sunday dinners".... Good times!

  3. The way in which you worded your memories together was absolutely have a way with them that made me remember nice things, too.