Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting to know you.....

Smiles from yesterday and laughter today!

How many facebook friends do you have? My daughter asked me that question, and when I told her I had a little over 400 she laughed and said how in the world do I keep up with 400 hundred friends?  I don't.  Do you? Go through your list sometime and think about those people.  It's quite fun, I did it, and it made me smile.  It's like opening a giant memory box and seeing yourself all throughout your life.  

Let's see, there's the really cool friend that I had so much fun with in Vacation Bible School when I was nine. I will never delete her. The girl I twirled baton with, and she happens to be the best pen pal a 12 year old could ever hope for. The little girl who sat with me on the school bus everyday.  The Section High School Marching Band of '83 and '84... lots of you guys on my list.  Champion Red Rover players, now that's the rest of the VBS "happy and you know it" comrades mixed with a little of the elementary playground group.  The little girl I met when I was six and can still make me laugh.  College friends.  So many of you changed my life forever.  Missionary friends... we share the world.  Friends of friends online.  This category cracks me up.  Game friends.  My chess buddies.  The number grows.  That's right, I'm just a nerd, or am I called a geek now?  Old high school friends.... basketball players, cheerleaders...they would be there for me at the drop of a hat.  Mommy or daddy friends... because of our children. Mom's of friends, kids of friends, family of friends. Teachers. Students. Church friends.... that number grows and amazes me in it's sincerity.  Family.  That's a giant chunk of my numbers.  Then there's the small number of friends that know me.  The ones that know my thoughts and dreams.  These come from all the different groups but have a category all their own.  They know the me at 3 am that can't sleep.  They know that posting a blog and telling about myself really makes my stomach tie in knots.  They know I'd rather be in flip flops with my hair blowing in the breeze at the beach.  Then there's the one friend that knows me better than myself.  

Life seems a lot more fun with a list of friends to remind me of all the smiles from my past, and all the laughter of today.  How great will tomorrow be when my list grows?  Another heartbeat in sharing the joy of life! 

Think about your friends.  Take the time to tell a few just how much they mean in your life.


  1. Red rover....

    And you are a great friend to all, and have changed lives that you probably don't know you have....

  2. I was just telling sydnee that friends are more important than ballgames, talent shows, or any competitive thing in life. When we don't "win" it means that our friends were needing to "win" on that particular day. I told her that in two or three years, no one will remember this particular ball game, BUT they WILL remember how you reacted to this game. They will know that you took the high road and congratualted them and held you head high even when they were not being so nice in return. I hope she soaks that in. Today is going to be a rough one for her. (she has to be with the team they lost to all day today)

  3. Hey! Nice Blog. Love the pic-old lady! FYI that was taken at Germania Springs Park in Jacksonville, AL. It's the same little park referenced some Rick Bragg book's. Aside from you, of course, he is one of my favorite authors!