Monday, February 28, 2011

Just do it.....

This week my manuscript will arrive in the second stage of editing. This process should take most of the month of March. I've been told by my publisher this process can bring many authors to tears. I laughed and asked, "Why?" His explanation, "They consider every word so precious in telling the story that they think it can't be told any other way." My response, "Well, make mine strong to make it sell."

My manuscript has gone through an editing process before my publisher ever saw it. My mom was an executive administrator for over 30 years, and I gave the rough rough rough draft to her. I'm surprised her red pen still has ink! It was a giant task of writing five pages, sending them to her, she would print them off, correct errors, slash through unnecessary material, and give them back for me to rewrite. That's real love, my friends!

I've always held my writing a bit too close and never allowed many in that space of who I am. However, this is WHO I AM. I was told once if this is what I love, then do it. So, I write. I write every day now. I have at least seven books jumbled up inside me just waiting to come alive! I write something each day whether it's here, in my idea notebook, thoughts in my journal, poetry, book #2's manuscript, or moments of joy in our family funny book.  Something. Anything to nurture the life of words inside me.

The crazy thing about the publishing of my first book is the number of people that tell me they want to write, or that they have a great story idea. My advice to those with this desire..... write! Not everyone has the want to do so, and if you've been given the inspiration for a story to share, then do it! What's holding you back? What's causing the hesitation?

If I can sit here and type this, then you can put pen to paper or hands to the keyboard. Ready.... set.... GO!

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  1. Hoping some day I return to my short never know!

    I do at times feel inspired to help people close to me. It is true...some people come into our lives for a reason...some for a season. There is always a purpose for someone being there at that point in time. I know at times I have helped people...I like that.
    Not sure why that came out, but there is is! LOL

    Very anxious to read your book!