Thursday, March 3, 2011

Battle of the bangs......

I raise my hand and say this is my fault. However, that being said.... I still have to win this argument.  Step inside my world for a moment. It's a crazy ride.

The argument. A haircut. Mommy versus Benjamin. Usually my son is quite in agreement with whatever I say. He's one of the most pleasant compassionate children I've known. Now that I've built up the wonderful side of him, know he can be stubborn (I don't know where he gets that). He thinks Bon Jovi is the coolest rocker around. My fault. I take pride in the fact that this belief is my fault.

Back to the argument.... well, let's say disagreement. This is the hair we could not agree on.

I said he needed his hair cut, and he said I shouldn't cut his rocker hair. "You know, Mommy, it's like Bon Jovi's." Of course I pulled many pictures of his rock idol up online and proved that while indeed cool, we can still see the eyes of Mr. JBJ.  Not quite convinced I did suggest we at least trim his bangs to look like a gentleman rocker. Yes, I know.... laugh if you will, but being a gentleman to this little guy is important, and I knew I had him on that one.

This is the face that I dealt with for a while.

No worries. Moms are made of steel right? What a pout though! 

Bangs trimmed, hair styled, he was satisfied. 

Cute hair, cute guy, rockin' his new style at his best friend's birthday party at "Chicken Lay."

Not a giant difference. Not a major change. But he saw it. He felt it. He felt cuter! Battle won! And let's see how we all handle the real hair cut next week! 


  1. Wow. I am so very impressed with you and your precious angels. What lovely people you are raising!

  2. Rock on Benjamin!!!!!
    Love you,Beth

  3. Your son is super cute! Love his shiny blond hair, & also that he knows to call it "rocker hair!"

  4. Most awesome!
    I like the gentleman rocker hair!

  5. Cutie pie with both haircuts!! I like Chicken Lay..for many years, it was Chick A Flay over here!

    janna b

  6. Introduce him to the word 'mullet' and warn him of the evils might curb him from wanting too long of hair in the future.