Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dead Duck Wednesday

I'm not sure what would make so many of those silly ducks WALK across the road from one water source to the next. Plus, if you were a duck, you were about to cross said road, and 20 others lay smashed before you, would you not just go back down to the water where you were and enjoy the fish there? Or fly?

I take my theatrical three female type people to drama class on Wednesdays. Each Wednesday we see the same sight. The horrific scene is not limited to one spot. Oh, no. We cross 4 different spots where there's water on both sides of the highway, and in these stretches of road.... complete carnage.

Okay, it's not funny, but I did find someone posted a news report that said dead birds were turning up in Alabama. No, just lazy ones end up that way. So, if you find yourself on highway 35 or you are enjoying the sites of highway 79, beware......the lazy duck.


  1. I thought those coots got killed trying to fly across the road without waiting for instructions from the tower.

  2. I seen them too Vanessa. HA HA I actually saw cars swerve to miss them as they swooped up and across the 4-lane. Was a disaster area for awhile. Never thought of them as "lazy" ducks...but come to think of it, your RIGHT! Funny story1