Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOW would be a good time.....

Ever had one of those weeks when you just can't think straight? It's not the stress of life, it's the reality of life. Ahhhh sweet reality. A pause button would be nice. Perhaps a delete button. I find myself racing the garbage to the street in my pajamas. Six cars pass hurrying on their way. SIX! Two were trying to break the sound barrier, and with all so deep in their own reality, I don't think I was noticed. It's one of those... I could have done this yesterday.... moments. (by the way.... the garbage truck had already come and gone).

It's been a world of crazy!
Putting clothes in the dryer and walking away without turning it on.
Putting dishes in the dishwasher and not turning it on.
Putting my cereal in the microwave. I did catch myself on that one.
Making coffee, waiting for it to brew and realizing it wasn't on.
Making coffee, turning it on and realizing I forgot to put the water in.
(The last two were two different times).
Pouring a cup of coffee, putting the cup down somewhere, and having to go look for it.
Kids waiting on lunch and realizing when it should be ready, it's still on top of the stove.
The list continues, but much more would paint a slow picture of insanity, so as friends we stop there.

My mind is in overload mode. I'm constantly thinking about the next thing to do, the next hour, the next day, the next even in the manuscript I'm working on, the return of manuscript #1 at the first of the month, what to make for the next meal..... the list goes on here too.

Along the way my NOW has gotten lost. The NOW is not always exciting. The NOW is not always beautiful. The NOW is not always fun. But in the NOW is where we make our memories. Today, I harness my thoughts and embrace my NOW.

Anyone else need to take time to see the joy in your NOW?

For anyone that has seen earlier posts, I received a sweet gift in the mail from my sister!
That's right... I now own the shirt.... straight from Pop-Tarts World!  The note inside read.... Happy Just Because Day!

So to all you fabulous people out there... celebrate your NOW and Happy Just Because Day! Share in the fun, and send a friend an email just to say hello!


  1. I completely understand my friend.

  2. If not a pause button, I wish there was a slow down button. Life goes by too quickly.

  3. So happy you got your shirt! What a great sister. Enjoy the NOW of today!

  4. A delete button for life...yes, please! or at least a mute button.
    On a brighter note, I have just had Wildberry poptarts and coffee this morning. Nice to know there are others out there, my family think I'm weird for liking them..