Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Update

I received a working timeline from my publisher! My manuscript currently has the attention of their editing department, and they'll send it back along with their suggestions to me by March 31st. I'll then have 15 days to modify the complete work and return it to them. Once they finalized all of the adjustments, they'll send it back to me at the end of April for final approval. They want the completed, revised, modified, perfected.... ready for business... manuscript returned by the middle of May. From the editor it will be moved on to the design department and go through the final stages before publication!

If this is a dream, let's just keep on enjoying it! I'll update again on March 31st..... I'm going to need chocolate and some strong coffee on that day. Letting all of you know so people can prepare! Thanks to all of you that continue to give encouragement along this journey!