Monday, January 31, 2011

Unexpected Life

Have you ever had something in your life that changes everything?  Of course you have.  That's everyday, right?  Well, think bigger. The events that keep us up at night and consume our thoughts.  Death, birth, moving, marriage, divorce..... all the big stuff.  It's the God moments. Times when you have to see Him in the middle of what's happening.  The story of my sweet Benjamin was one of those moments.  He was our only unplanned baby.  When the docs say you shouldn't have more children, you listen.  That's not always how things go.  My pregnancies are vicious.  Morning sickness isn't exactly confined to the morning for me.  It's 24/7 from the beginning of pregnancy until delivery.  I'm the one who loses about 20 pounds during my 8 months.  That's right, eight months... never longer.

The news of my little miracle came with a visit to the doc for something else.  With the proper tests, I left with the news of baby number four was on the way!  Many of you walked that walk with me and prayed me through all the midnight runs to the hospital when he tried to come.. what, about a million different times!!!  Heavily medicated I would return back home to spend another day on bed rest.  The contractions would start and I would time them for hours, and as long as they didn't get down to 5 minutes apart, I was safe and we had one more day behind us.  This went on for weeks.  Women start loving those little people growing inside them so very early on.  Me... I loved him, but I was terrified for him.

Needless to say, my every thought was consumed by this little person I carried.  I was heavily medicated daily so that I wouldn't give birth.  The docs just wanted to try and help me reach the 35th week.  Well, on day 6 of the 34th week that medicine just stopped working.  Walking through my house that night he started coming. We called a dear friend that was to meet us at the hospital to watch the girls.  She started on her way.  Everyone made it to the van.... dead battery!  Fantastic.  I'm in the front seat hoping not to deliver in my driveway and my husband was trying to locate the jumper cables.  Van started and we were off.  I don't remember actually going in the door of the hospital but I remember us zooming down the hall.  Girls running behind as fast as they could go.  My friend.. she made it there in warp speed.  We don't discuss how fast she drove, she made it, and that was all we knew.  Some moments you never forget, like rounding the corner near the nurses station in a full run and their faces.... priceless.  Everyone began to run and yell.... the movie type of delivery.  Everyone telling me not to push.  I don't have to push, my body just delivers the babies.... crazy.. I know, but true.  So, within 45 minutes of arriving at the front door, we welcomed Benjamin!

He's an amazing little guy.  He never meets a stranger.  He loves all my friends and thinks the world of his family.  If you're one of his favorites he has to look at your picture on my facebook page.  He's a big Bon Jovi fan, completely my fault.  He's totally in love with God but can't figure out why we can't go hang out with Him.  His compassion for others astounds me, and he has taught me to love deeply.  Each day he reminds me that life is unexpected.  Life happens.  Life might be hard, but there is joy to be experienced.  Life is full of love and you better hang on to it with all you have!

Do you have events in your life that have changed you and made you see the world in a different way?


  1. Ben is my man! Great post Vanessa. God has a plan for all of us. Even if we don't understand it at the time.

  2. I have had many select moments that have changed my life...and they all are focused on my children.
    Great post my friend.

  3. This post made me cry with happiness. Why is it that the blessings we didn't ask for turn out to be so sweet? I am so thankful the Lord protected Benjamin and YOU for those months.

    Love you -