Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Did you ever have the dream of who you could be when you were little?  The "what do you want to be" question answered in your mind at a point in time when you sat in school and read about some amazing person doing the stuff of life?  Dreams of becoming an archaeologist, an astronaut, a deep sea diver, a pirate, a firefighter, a teacher..... you get the point.  Well, I remember the day I wanted to become a writer.  I was in Mrs. Brown's third grade classroom and she had given us a creative writing assignment.  I finished mine and read it through just once more before I turned it in.... my masterpiece. I was so very proud.  I kept that paper.  It was my encouragement to keep writing.

My writing is my sanctuary. You have yours whether it's hunting, fishing, exercising, making music, dancing, or perhaps writing is where you find yourself too.  The key is to live that part of your life with great passion.

So, what is it that defines you?  When do you feel you are the best YOU that you can possibly be?

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  1. I have, in the past, written for "therapy."

    I feel I am the best me I can possibly be when I am creating smiles on others....