Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Celebrate My Honeymoon

I do believe I have found the perfect place for my honeymoon!

What a dreamy place. Am I right? 

It's going to be a spectacular honeymoon. Just look at the food!

When's the honeymoon, you ask? Well, the date for the wedding hasn't been officially set. To tell the truth, he hasn't popped the question. Well... if I'm going with honesty here, I haven't quite met him yet. Now, complete and total honesty...... I'm not dating at all. :)

If I could, I would take all you lovely readers to this beautiful island, and we would feast in celebration of my happily ever after. Hey, it could happen. I do believe my toes were made for sand like this......


  1. It's best to be prepared to know what you want when the man in your life comes along.


  2. I am in exactly the same spot. But I just know Mr. Right is out there, grooming himself for me at this very moment. And I think we'll go to the same spot for our honeymoon. I'm delighted to "meet" you! :-)

  3. I wouldn't only go there for the honeymoon, I would stay there forever :)