Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's Celebrate Bugs

In this 100 days of celebration, I pause to pay tribute to the mighty creepy crawlies. There are those we fear, those that amaze us, and those that deserve the swatter. I've always enjoyed the fascination children have with bugs. The "let's pick that up and look at it" mentality instead of the "stomp it until it dies" way of thinking adults rally around. The fabulous four and I are forever looking for the cool bugs to photograph. So to celebrate bugs, I have a few to share.
Notice how he looked over just for his picture.

He crawled right up there and posed.

Bugs take their own time in a photo shoot.

See, now he's ready.

And, then there's Ruby. She really didn't like to be disturbed during lunch, but every bug collection needs the creepy factor.

Life's just one big back yard waiting to be explored. Carry a camera and enjoy the journey.


  1. Ok, I was fine with the praying mantis but when you got down to Ruby, I know have the creepy crawlies and I'm about ready to hit the hay, so everything my feet touch, will freak me out now! Thanks a lot!! Just kidding!

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  3. I am not a keen lover of bugs and creepy crawlies, but there are many who do enjoy watching them.

    Have a good week-end;

  4. Bugs always reminds me of the creepy halloween I had made-up when the kids were 7 years old. So scary for them....but they loved the evening :)

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  8. What cool pictures!
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