Saturday, April 13, 2024

All Things Paranormal With a Few Writerly Things on the Side Letter I


All Things Paranormal
Let's start with a trip to Indiana! This is one of my favorite places I've seen others INVESTIGATE
Want to have some fun? Hop over and read about the Randolph County Asylum

On the site there are other places listed for investigation. You can even go stay the night! While I consider myself brave, I don't know that I could make it for an entire night. Would you? 

Of Writerly Things... I is for Ink

My fun word... Letter I. Oh, I'm using this one soon! 


  1. I'm not sure I'd want to investigate an old asylum - some of them (maybe most of them) have tragic histories. I did stay in a haunted room in a B&B which, fortunately, I didn't know about until my last night there. Nothing happened - whew! Visiting from A to Z. Alana

  2. I lived in Indiana as a kid and I'm pretty sure we lived in Randolph County. But I've never heard about this asylum (I was 8 when we moved).

  3. Ignivomous-how cool a word is that? I was sounding it out and realized it sounds like ignited vomiting. (Possibly that's the point?) Anyway-excellent word. Thanks!