Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's All In The Win

Kids can make a contest out of anything. My mom bought a giant bag of Cheetos. In this giant bag were little one serving kid sized bags. This big bag contained two kinds of Cheetos, regular and tongue scorching hot.

No kidding. I've never tasted a chip this hot. I enjoy hot foods, so to me, they were great, but not to the kids.
That's a lot of spicy hotness on the right. 

One bite and the kids were running to get water from the refrigerator. This is where the contest of endurance came in to play. The challenge..... who could eat the hot Cheetos and NOT drink water. Great! 

First one eaten. Everyone sits and waits. My son grabs his water and yells, "I'm out!"
Second one eaten. Everyone looks around waiting. Daughter #3 grabs her water and drains half a bottle. We all laugh.
Third one eaten. Foreheads are being wiped. Fourth. Fifth. Some deep breaths are happening now, but the painful game continues. 
Six down. Some fanning of the lips and heads in hands to pause for breathing.
Seven. Daughter #1 grabs her water.
Victory to Daughter #2!
No prize. No happy dance. Just the knowing that there was a moment to outlast, outplay, outdo another sibling and yes, that made celery taste oh so sweet. 


  1. I'm very partial to the Tostitos Artisan flavors...

  2. I love Cheetos, but I don't think I can have even a bite of that spicy one! From the looks of it alone, it looks really deadly.

    Hilarious kids :). Who knows what they'll be having a contest over next time?

  3. We've had the spicy Cheetos. My hubby likes them.

  4. Funny! I can eat the HOT cheetos by the handfuls... love it! Swallow wrong and i'm choking. Cute story!

  5. I'm a new follower from the Author Karma group! I hope that you can return the favour.

    I love spicy foods! I used to do this kind of stuff with my brothers and sisters but instead of Cheetos we'd do it with really sour sweets. NOM NOM (:


  6. My eyes are watering just looking at that spicy cheeto. Seriously, I'm going to have to drink some water!

    Thanks for following me! I tagged you to participate in the Lucky Se7en writing challenge. You can check it out HERE!

  7. I have never had spicy cheetos, but I love hot stuff,
    I have to find them!

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  9. Oh I gotta be on the look out for those hotties..never seen them here or even heard that they exist. I love Cheestos and I love spicy.

  10. My girls--well they're all adults now--love hot Cheetos. They all moved to New Jersey and they say they can't find Hot Cheetos there and will sometimes have me bring them if I visit. I like Hot Cheetos, but then again there's something weird about the whole Cheetos line.

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