Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Don't Miss It!

Remember when vampires were scary and didn't have girlfriends? Remember when you wondered if the phone would ring from a guy, and you didn't go check his facebook page? Remember when time together meant more than everyone being in the same room on their laptops? Remember when you could sit around talking with friends without all their iPhones on the table? Remember talking to someone without the interruption of text messages? Remember playing outside so late that even the lightening bugs seemed tired?

Life seems thick with stuff and no time to relax.

I've had some time lately to think about what's really important in my life and the lives of the fabulous four. I sat outside playing  my guitar and my son, covered in mud brought me the mud pie creation made by all. Proud he was, and so was I because we took advantage of a beautiful day and made it ours.

My son filled a cup with rose petals and came to pour it on my head saying he loved me. Sweet gesture, yes, except that the bottom of that cup had dirt in it. I didn't dare shake my hair out until he had walked away. His sentiment was appreciated and he was proud, so a little dirt never hurt.

I had a grand escape for just a short time down by the river. After grocery shopping, I bought a giant piece of chocolate cake, took my coffee and my writing, found a great table (without any sign of ducks) and wrote. Words came so fast that I can barely read what's on that paper. There was great freedom out there.

Wonderful weather has arrived! Make an effort to go outside and enjoy the laughter of your children, savor the splendid moments you can find alone, and take the time to enjoy those nights. There's beauty out there. Life is out there. Don't miss it!

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  1. so VERY well put!!!! I still live in that life and am glad I do!